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Branches of Organic Chemistry
  There are numerous branches or disciplines of chemistry. Organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, and biochemistry are the five main branches. WhatRead More »
Chemical Methods Applied To Biotechnology
Essentially, all biotechnology products are the result of chemistry (or re qualified as biochemistry). Every cellular function, from mitotic division, to energy production, and toRead More »
Preparation Tips for CBSE Class 12th Chemistry Board Exam
Few months left for the preparation of Board Exams and class 12th students are prepping up to give their best. For science students, chemistry isRead More »
role of chemistry in agriculture
Role Of Chemistry In Agriculture
The beginning of civilised civilization is marked by the onset of agricultural activity. Agricultural development was influenced by factors such as climate change and populationRead More »
Chemistry of Airbags in Car
The Chemistry of Airbags in Car
Have you ever wondered that cars can be associated with Chemistry? However, there are various operations in a car that are based on the principlesRead More »
Chemistry Behind the Carbon Footprints
Chemistry Behind the Carbon Footprints
  One of the primary sources of carbon emissions is human activity. These are emitted from the use of fossil fuels in power and other productionRead More »
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