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Message From Founder
Education and learning go hand in hand, but it is easier said than done! As a student, I can easily recount the number of challenges that I had to face when preparing for school exams and eventually, the Board exams. It was, always, a rush from one teacher to another for coaching after school so that I would not be left behind in the race. Fortunately, I happened to meet a teacher who finally became the catalyst of my success!

The need to kindle the passion for learning is of utmost importance today; students are more than ever exposed to a lot of distractions both, in terms of social activities and social media. According to recent surveys, the hours spent after school at the coaching centres are not bringing the desired results for most students, especially the average ones. In view of the present scenario, together with the personal experiences of my friends and myself, the genesis of YOURBUK took place.

YOURBUK is an educational technology company, which is proud to have a very seasoned and experienced faculty, ready to share their expertise in STEM subjects in an online setting. Parents can be completely hassle-free in terms of finding an expert for coaching their ward and students too, and need not be under pressure of juggling school and multiple coaching classes. In fact, the paucity of time and the right experts required for mentoring a child makes YOURBUK the one-stop shop destination for parents.