Program Outcome: Higher Cognitive Ability & hence increase in the QUANTUM, SPEED & ACCURACY of learning – simultaneously & exponentially
Benefits: The program enables the participants to use the power of the sub-conscious mind at the command of the conscious mind, leading to:
* creating magic while learning as it generates interest towards learning, subjects & curriculum
* manifold improvement in our power of concentration and Imagination/visualization
* enhances cognitive abilities – Problem solving & decision-making skills, Memory/ easier retention and recall of the most complex subjects / content
* real, authentic, genuine, ‘on-demand’, ‘on ground’ Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, Self-Worth
* score higher, be in a state of preparedness, ace interviews.
* ignites creativity & innovation
* reduces stress & anxiety
General Profile of Participants: Varied – includes students, parents, homemakers, professionals, Trainers, speakers, coaches, teachers, entrepreneurs, authors, sports professionals, CAs, Doctors, Consultants etc.
Age spectrum of the participants : The program can be attended by anyone above the age of 13 years. The senior most participant is a 70 years young entrepreneur and an author.
Present Reach: The Super Learning program is well-received by clients in the US, UK, Canada, Dubai, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Malaysia, Nepal, India.

June 4, 2021 12:00 am
(GMT+00:00) Azores